Helios - Embrace

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I've been a big fan of Helios aka Keith Kenniff for a while, his lush and ambient electronic songs as well as his cinematic scores are always impressive and inspiring. So it was a blast to make a short film / music video for one of his new tracks. 

I'd been wanting to film something off of the 395 Highway in California since exploring it over the last couple years. So I wrote a little scenario about a brave women who volunteers to go to Mars, but first she has to break up with the love of her life. Not an easy thing to do.

Thanks to the kind folks at Vimeo for making the video a Staff Pick! 

Here are some production images, stay tuned for a little behind the scenes doc of the shoot.

Animation Workshop

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Had a blast giving an animation workshop at the Happy Lion for Poketo, with Adi Goodrich. Was really impressed with what the students came up with. We listened to music really loud and cut paper, and made some simple puppets and animated. 

Walk To Moca

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Nicolas Godin - Orca

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We just finished a short music video for the amazing Nicolas Godin of Air for a song called Orca. It was a super fun collaboration with art director Adi Goodrich, and a few friends. Thanks to It's Nice That and Booooooom and Pitchfork for writing about it! Here are a few behind the scenes pictures. Mad props to Kelly Moore, Kat Thomson, Dustin Ruegger, & Victoria Foraker for the help. 

Art Assistant

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Looking to hire a part-time art assistant here at the studio. Must be hand with an Exacto knife and have steady hands. Please submit any work samples or resumes to studio@seanpecknold.com Thanks!

Rainstorm At The Elementary School.

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There was a rainstorm in LA, in Chinatown. The lightning was real bright and flashy. An old woman just walked by the window as she does everyday around 3pm. She always wears a pink jacket. It takes her about 2 minutes to walk all the way past my window. i wonder what she does during the day. Maybe she just sits in a chair and thinks about her life. Maybe she is content. Maybe she thinks about the time she was in love and it felt great. But then maybe she is just thinking about how birds fly. Or about the sounds of the neighborhood kids at the elementary school, laughing and teasing each other. They are so young, and can run so fast. But she has a walker now, and can move only 30 ft, in about 2-3 minutes.