A Study In Time Travel - Interactive Short Film


I'd been wanting to shoot some live-action after I re-located to Los Angeles, and was given the chance with the help of my EP Harry Calbom and a few good friends. I didn't have a full script, rather a series of scenes that I really wanted to film as a tone piece that explored the feeling of loneliness and isolation in LA. 

A Study In Time Travel is an experimental film series and interactive character site exploring the lives of the lonely residents of Los Angeles through the eyes of one boy with a special power. The idea was to capture several vignettes of characters in lonely situations in Los Angeles. Part experimental narrative and part screen-test for some local actors I'd been wanting to work with. The scenes feature an array of night activities in a lonely city, like an actor rehearsing for a big audition, a girl practicing vocal warmups, a teen girl in a fight with her mom after a date, and a boy playing violin in a liquor store on Santa Monica Boulevard. 

The actors were given a brief description of the scene, character, and setting, and they were allowed to improvise their dialogue completely. They only had about an hour to re-hearse alone or with another actor. 

The interactive website designed & built by the rad dudes at Public-Library featured a map to explore the neighborhoods and select a character based on their location.

The scenes were then given to Robin Pecknold & Neal Morgan who came up with some moody and dark music and soundscapes to match the tone of the films. 

Director: Sean Pecknold
Director of Photography: Zia Mohajerjasbi
Music by: Robin Pecknold & Neal Morgan
Executive Producer: Harry Calbom
Producer: Jill Mcbride
Producer: McKenna Turner
Gaffer: Scott Todd
1st Ac: Canh Nguyen
Sound: Joram Young
PA - Tessa Marts
Set Dresser / Art Assist - Nia Freshman